City of Kazad

Name Khazad
Ruler Queen Amelia Veinlash
Religion Order of the Flame
Population 87,000
Total Guard 2,000
Total Clergy 1,000

Dwarves first settled on these lands when they discovered the Flue, an ancient device, embedded in a magma chute, that powers the city. Kazad has had a bloody history of slavery and religious war, with dwarves and elves often being the ruling caste up until recently.

The city itself consists of two parts: one half above ground, the other below ground. Winters in Kazad are so cold that they often cull everyone living above ground, so when winter approaches the population travels below ground, where the Flue keeps them warm.

A half-elven Queen currently sits on the throne under martial law, as it has been for two years. Secret police occupy bars listening for dissidents and making enemies of the Queen simply disappear.

Dwarven 35,000
Elven 17,000
Human 13,000
Half-elven 10,000
Hin 8,000
Other 4,00

City of Kazad

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